Our Products

We sell an array of wonderful products in our office to help you in your wellness and fitness journeys. All of these products come highly recommended by our clients and therapists alike! 


Weleda is an arnica based oil, with a pleasant aroma that helps with inflammation and muscle/joint soreness.

We offer it in both a small and large size.


Biofreeze is a cold therapy topical gel that is widely known and used. It is able to help treat inflammation caused by muscle strain and injury.

Natural Calm

This magnesium and calcium supplement continues to be one of our best sellers. It is a great additive for daily use, and keeps muscles relaxed. It is also an effective sleep and digestive aid.

Botanically Rooted

We are proud to offer high quality essential oils and products from Botanically Rooted, a native NC company. We carry a variety of oils, all good for different purposes, as well as lotions and sprays.

Skin Brushes

As well as offering skin brushing services, we sell these wonderful brushes to encourage our clients to brush daily and  keep their lymphatic systems detoxed regularly.

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