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 (919) 801-4973

WholyFit Package
Classes start March 2nd.  

8-class Package

Classes meet every Thursday for 8 weeks starting March 2nd.

Choose either our 4:30 class or our 6:00 class!

​Hello, I am Karen Powell. I am a mother of 2 grown daughters, and the wife of a pastor. I became a certified WholyFit (Gentle Body Power) Instructor September 2014. The Silver Certification was an online study of Anatomy, Kinesiology, & methodology, etc., with four tests at the end. The Gold certification was held in Houston, TX, which was a week of more studying, stretch poses, seminars & participation in teaching a WholyFit routine.

WholyFit is based on the AFAA (Athletics & Fitness Association of America) & the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) I have been very interested, for a few years, in leading an exercise class with a purpose! That purpose is for the whole you & me: Body Mind & Spirit! I lead stretch pose routines to scripture & uplifting Christian music. I have been having so much fun leading WholyFit routines this past year!

If you don't feel that you're flexible, no worries, because you will achieve much more flexibility as you stretch those tight muscles into many different stretch poses. Our warm up routine is based on Ephesians 6: 10 - 18. The Armor of God. It's such a fun & rewarding way to spend to spend an hour on yourself! You will gain Strength Stability & Balance for the whole you! I am looking forward with exuberant anticipation to meeting my Wholyfit students at Body Wellness & Spa!

Your WholyFit Instructor!
Karen Powell

Your WholyFit Instructor

WholyFit Classes at Body Wellness!

​WholyFit is fitness for Body, Soul & Spirit.  It is based on the AFAA (Athletics & Fitness Association of America) & the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and will help you gain strength, stability and balance for the whole you.  

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