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 (919) 801-4973

"I’ve been going to Body Wellness since Mid~April all because my 9 year~young daughter found a coupon and said, “Mom, you should go, you’ve been wanting to get a massage.” I’ve gotten massages for many years and know the benefits. I had never experienced deep tissue massage before in the way I have with Barbra and it has been a learning and healing experience. She is knowledgeable, a good listener and very dedicated to working with you to get your body well. I appreciate her skill and her desire to get your body healed and balanced. I look forward to the time when I can get massages for relaxation and maintenance, but for now I am grateful to have Barbra working through years of neglect and trauma to my body. The office is welcoming and a great space for healing. I highly recommend Body Wellness. " - Sofia

"I highly recommend Barb! For me doing hair for 21 years, it has put a lot on my body. She knows just how to relax me. Money that should always be spent on your body. We maintain our cars...why not our bodies?" - Heather 

"Barb has the incredible knack for finding my trouble spots and the even more incredible gift of working them out! Sitting over a desk for hours on end day after day, I look forward to every appointment. I highly recommend Barb!" - Tammy

 "They have really great customer service here. They always put their customers first, regardless of the situation.  The waiting room here is spacious. I never feel like I have to sit too close to someone or that it is overcrowded. They were so kind and attentive to me. I didn't have to worry about them arguing with me, or contradicting what I had to say, which has been a problem for me at other places.  Before they even started my massage, they asked me detailed questions about my preferences for the massage. They made an extra effort to make sure I got the exact massage I was hoping for.  Every single time I visit, they vary their technique so I don't get the same massage every time. They are extremely knowledgeable." - Anonymous  

"I'm going tell everyone about them. I absolutely love this place!" - Anonymous     

Barb has a special talent. When my body is tired & my muscles are sore Barb has the magic touch! Being a Fitness Trainer & runner takes it's toll on my body, but I love what I do so having a massage therapist like Barb truly helps me remain injury free and feeling great. She is wonderful,  has a way about her that simply makes you feel so comfortable and I recommend her highly!  Melanie