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Individual Sessions

1 hour sessions $49

Personal Training Packages

Jump Start
4 Personal Training Sessions + 1 Complimentary Sauna Session*

Hard Hitter

8 Personal Training Sessions + 1 Complimentary Sauna Session*

Goal Setter

12 Personal Training Sessions + 2 Complimentary Sauna Sessions*

​Power On

15 Personal Training Sessions + 3 Complimentary Sauna Sessions*

All In

18 Personal Training Sessions + 6 Complimentary Sauna Sessions*

Available Upgrade:  Support with food journaling for mindful eating!

*Package sessions offered are 1/2 hour or 1 hour.

​Complimentary Sauna Sessions are 35 minutes.

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Tina Walton, ​ACE Certified Personal Trainer #858039679

​Meet Tina Walton, the Body Wellness Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer!  Tina is looking forward to working with a wide variety of clients outside the traditional gym setting.  She specializes in positive body image coupled with emotional well-being and overall health and wellness. Tina loves the challenge, so whether you are new to exercise, have lost the enthusiasm to exercise, or have been exercising your whole life but are ready for something different, Tina can help you attain your goals.  Thanks to Tina’s sincerity, dedication, compassion and commitment, all you’ll need is the desire – we’ll provide the knowledge, encouragement and support to get you to where YOU want to be!
Body Wellness Personal Training will be based upon many different fitness domains including weight loss, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, wellness coaching, and endurance training.  Enjoy the personal attention of both small classes and one-on-one training with Tina in the Body Wellness Fitness Studio.

Your Personal Trainer

Personal Training at Body Wellness!

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